Why Boring Tech

First up, this is in no way a deference to the other ‘Boring Company’ started by the real world Iron Man.
Elon is way cooler than any of us will ever be and we know we can’t compete with that!

There wasn’t any deep, profound, serendepitous moment that led to the birth of The Boring Tech Company.
Unfortunately, as the name implies, there was none of that.

It was born after years of toil at multiple startups and observing how they moved from pillar to post chasing ‘growth’ and achieving their everchanging goals.
These were the ‘cool’, over-achievers that everyone wants to be and imitate.

This led the founder to yearn for something more boring. Can there be a company that

This led to the birth of The Boring Tech Company.

But What’s with the Boring?

The greatest threat to Success is not failure - it’s boredom. Be it an athlete who choses to put in training hours every day, or a band of ‘Genius’ musicians who end up being an ‘Overnight’ success or a master craftsman who created one of the most succesful companies on the planet by insisting the insides of a computer look good.
Every Sustained Success conceals [potentially thousands of] hours of dedicated, diligent hard work that has gone into it.
Consistent hard work is boring.

In this age of ‘build fast and break things’; of shipping faulty ‘MVPs’ - all in the name of urgency; of fastest possible gratification; lets embrace the joy of craftsmanship.
Honing your craft is boring.

There is an undeniable urgency in our times - more so for a rag-tag band of professionals trying to build a company.
It is easy for individuals and entire companies to get lured into the pull of the shiny, to choose quantity over quality and to sacrifice peace for speed.

The only way, thus, to differentiate our craft from the others is to choose both Quality and Speed.
That is possible only through focussed hard work and a rigorous, ruthless process of eliminating the needless (which is mostly shiny), meticuluously listening to our customers in choosing what to build and staying honest to ourselves.
This process is boring.